The Top 5 Online Resume Database Websites: Reviewed

The online resume database websites have formed an inseparable and important part of the recruitment procedure. The benefit is shared both by the employers and the employees. Hiring the best candidates and providing a reputable position in an organization are the functions of such websites.

However, can all websites deliver the best? Obviously, no! The job seekers and the recruiters must go for the ones that are the best. A job seeker can’t compensate with his/her. Likewise, an employer can afford to miss out on a suitable candidate. Thus, review of the top 5 resume database websites are done below so that you as a employee or an employer can have a fair idea.

Resume Deliver

Established in 2002, this resume database website is riding high on the internet. It enjoys immense popularity and as of now 15782 recruiters are lined up in the website. Resume Deliver thus, provides huge opportunities to the job seekers. For those with no resumes or weak resumes, this website provides the advantage of creating attractive resumes. All this comes with no price involved.

On the employer’s front, Resume Deliver makes sure that all the targeted resumes are delivered on to their email address with absolutely no charge.


At the moment Gadball has 537,273 active users. When the employees search resumes, they will find millions of them. Punching in the apt keyword fetches the maximum number of relevant resumes.

The availability of profile building tools is a great attraction both for the employers and the employees. The job seekers also have a wide option of jobs to choose from at Gadball.

Forward Your Resume

This is an excelling resume distribution review website that started its operations in 2001. Forward Your Resume has assisted many job seekers in finding good positions in various companies. In accordance with the site traffic, relevant and good websites are picked here. It also takes into account the credibility, content and cost of resume distribution websites.

Executive Trumpet

It is one of the leading resume database websites that pose beneficial strategies for recruiters. The employers receive targeted resumes in their email inboxes. They also have the choice to recruit the best people from varied fields.

The job seekers need to post their resumes and within no time at all their resumes are forwarded to various enterprises. The signing up process takes only 3 minutes.

Resume Bucket

Here, all the job seekers are provided with a unique URL that helps then to store, edit and publicly publish their resumes. Uploading the resumes is absolutely free and convenient as well.

Resume Bucket comes in handy for the recruiters as well.  The employers are provided with specific resumes dictated by them. A huge array of resumes is lined up. The employers can have access to as many as they want and thus, conduct their resume search process effectively.

So, the next time when you opt for online resume database, do pay a visit to these 5 websites mentioned above. These have the potential to deliver the best of everything.

Source by Silas Reed

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