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The Philadelphia Trumpet

The Philadelphia Trumpet news magazine presents current events in connection with Bible prophecy. The Trumpet traces its roots back to a previous magazine, the Plain Truth. Editor Herbert Armstrong founded the Plain Truth in 1934 with a similar purpose: to highlight correlations between modern world news and passages in the Bible. In 1985, the Plain Truth peaked with a circulation of 8.4 million in seven languages. One out of every 48 Americans received the magazine. Like the Plain Truth, the Trumpet has been continuously been available completely free of charge or solicitation.

After Herbert Armstrong died, the Plain Truth changed focus and fell drastically in circulation. In Edmond, Okla., Gerald Flurry decided to pick up where the Plain Truth left off and published the first issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet in 1990. The inaugural February 12 edition originated as a simple, six-page, black-and-white document. Since volume 1, number 1, the publication has expanded to a 40-page, full-color, glossy magazine published 10 times per year. The magazine now has a circulation of 255,000. It contains no outside advertising. Quarterly editions of the Trumpet are available in four languages: Spanish, Italian, German and French.

The Trumpet’s editorial position focuses on four major trends that appear in the Bible and in modern headlines: Iran dominating the Middle East, Germany leading a European superpower, Russia and China uniting militarily, and Anglo-Saxon (America, Britain, etc.) nations weakening. The Trumpet also expects the Catholic Church to regain some of its Protestant split-offs and combine with Germany to form another iteration of the historic Holy Roman Empire.

Trumpet articles include analysis of German politics, the German military, European Union politics, Iranian politics, Iranian ideology, Russian-Chinese trade and military cooperation, American national security, and American and British immorality, among other topics. Cover stories have included titles like, “Is Germany’s New Charlamagne About to Appear?” “President Obama’s Cairo Speech” “How It Will Shake the Nations,” “The War on Family,” “Will Christ Ever Return?” “Are We in the Last Days?” “America’s Financial 9/11,” “Why Weather Is Punishing Us,” “How to Protect Your Sexual Health,” “Morality War,” “Democratic Victory” “Dangerous Turn for America?” “Lighting Islam’s Fuse,” “The Siege of Jerualem,” “Russian Election Frightens Europe” and “Germany in Crisis.”

The Trumpet print edition is supplemented by an online presence. The website is updated multiple times daily, and attracts an average of 285,000 visitors per month. features news and analysis articles similar to the print edition; daily columns; a daily blog; and special sections on living, society, and economy. Visitors to the site can stream or download video from Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry. The front page also promotes available books and booklets offered free by the Trumpet’s publisher, the Philadelphia Church of God. visitors can read online, download or request hard copies of over 60 complete titles and Trumpet print edition back issues from 1998 to the present. Like the print edition, all of offerings are completely free of charge.

Gerald Flurry founded the Philadelphia Church of God in 1989. Mr. Flurry is also the face of the Key of David television program and is the editor in chief of the Trumpet news magazine.

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