My Truck’s Air Horn Sounds Like A Train

What used to be infatuation of die cast trucks and cars as a kid, I now relate to my pickup truck. Prior to the late 1970’s or early 80’s, only trains and commercial emergency vehicles had air horns. They were not available for consumer purchase. Then truck air horns became scarcely available in one or two trumpet configurations. However, none of these horns were available with a compressor kit included. As demand and popularity grew, truck air horns became more readily available. That made guys like me sit up and take notice. But for me, those were the days of mini vans and vehicles with car seats and strollers, so I didn’t own a truck.

I’m in the future now and finally able to have a truck of my own. There was nothing I loved more than finding a new accessory that would beef up my F-150 and give it the custom look that I feel reflects my personality. In my search for the newest flashiest and useful add on, I came across an online video of an air horn for trucks that had the sound of a train. There I was, back in the past again remembering that awesome sound I heard countless times as a boy. Oh yeah! I wanted that air horn kit! The sound was incredible. Just knowing that that was available to have on my truck making it possible to hear that sound any time I chose, truly made my day.

I ordered the quad chrome trumpet 150 PSI Kit and I swear, I was like my wife, anxiously waiting for the UPS man to deliver her newest pair of high heels. Yes, I was that obsessed! The day my kit arrived, I had to install it right away. Dinner? No thanks dear. I was a man on a mission with a very definite priority. Installation was fairly easy for me, so before long I was ready to test it out. I was in heaven the first time I blasted that baby, and I have been every time since! How did I ever settle for a wimpy factory horn sound? I wouldn’t go around scaring the dickens out of little old ladies, but sometimes situation require you to be heard in a big way. It just goes to prove that boys and their toys never really disappear; they just age like fine wine, and frankly, what’s wrong with that?

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