How to Play On Piano Secrets

Learning a musical instrument is a pleasant part of most people’s childhood. Typically, school programs will at least introduce you to the basic instruments, like the recorder, the drums, the piano and the saxophone. You might even get the opportunity to play in the band or in the school orchestra where you can learn how to read a little bit of music and maybe even make some music up on your own. If you don’t have these school programs, you can still learn how to play on piano, as long as you have a place where you can do a little experimentation without bothering anyone.

The first thing you need to start learning how to play the piano is an actual piano. You might have access to an old upright piano that is located at your school or at a community center in your town. Also, some churches and hotels also have pianos that you can play as long as the owners don’t think you will be bothering anyone. If you can’t find a place where there is a real piano that you can play on, you should know that there are electronic keyboards that will serve the same purpose when you are first starting out learning to play. These electronic keyboards have the advantage of volume controls and earphone plugs so that you can practice even when your living situation requires that you don’t make a lot of noise.

Once you’ve figured out exactly how you will key access to a piano or keyboard, you can really start learning how to play the instrument. The first thing that you should do on your piano or keyboard is to experiment with what it feels and sounds like to strike the keys. If you are playing on a real piano, press every white key and every black key all up and down the octaves of the keyboard. Listen to the difference in the sound if you press them softly or if you strike them hard. This will teach you important things about the way the notes of the piano are arranged and how you can use your fingers to make them sound full of energy, or soft and creeping.

Now that you have a little bit of a feel for what it is like to actually make sounds come out of the piano, you should see if you can plunk out a little familiar tune, without music, just using your ears to tell you if the note is right or wrong. Start with a song that you know by heart and you have been singing for years. Many people choose to start with the Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star melody because it is simple and they can tell just by listening whether or not they have the song right. Try to guess which keys will play the next sound that you are listening for. This will help you to become more comfortable with the keyboard, and the location of the keys and sounds.

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