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How About Wedding Champagne Flutes?

It’s upon you. It seems like only yesterday he proposed. The clock is ticking and you still don’t know what to give your guest. Getting married can be the best thing that happens to a woman. She has dreamt about it from the moment she could spell wedding dress. But the planning is exhaustive and demanding. Fretting over details can take away from that special moment. One of those major details is a Thank You gift to your friends, family, and guest. Should you get personalized shot glasses? Maybe not, your mother-in-law to be would probably frown on it. What about champagne flutes? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. There are so many companies that offer a wide offer a wide range of personalized options to choose from. This is just the thing any bride needs to commemorate that special day. Your guest will have a little piece of the magic you experienced the day you wed.

These flutes have a bit of history to them that you will find interesting to say the least. Here are some facts.

Champagne glassware in French is called Flute a Champagne. It’s a stem ware that is tall and narrow with a bowl at the top. These bowls were designed to retain the carbonation that is a distinct feature of champagne. This allows for the carbonation to scatter more rapidly. Some people wonder why these glasses have stems. Stems are featured on glassware to assist in maintaining the temperature of the liquid. So it is intended for you to hold the glass by the stem and not the bowl. Ever wonder about those little bubbles that rise to the top of the stemware? That’s what you would call nucleation. They help form the bubbles you see. If there is too much nucleation this will in turn cause the champagne to get flat quicker, kind of like soda. The smoother the glass the less nucleation and the more bubbles you will taste in the champagne.

There isn’t a more refined and classy gift you can give to your wedding guest and friends that personalized champagne flute.

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