Soothing Music: The Native American Flute

Native Americans are eager to share their ancestry with their families and friends. One of the ways they do this is through their music, particularly through the music of the Native American flute. They want to ensure that their children have a strong link with their ancient culture, and music is an excellent way to teach non-Native Americans about this culture as well.

Mothers of small children often find that Native American flute music is very soothing for their babies. It seems to have a tranquil and calming effect on children. Songs played on the Native American flute can be introduced during naptime and before bedtime to calm children down. The music often puts children to sleep within just a few minutes. Experts have also recommended Native American flute music to families with small babies that have a hard time getting to sleep.

This music also represents an excellent tool for calming down a baby in situations where there may be difficult transitions for such young children, such as when many visitors come to the home. It is often difficult for small babies to adjust to the confusion and noise created by a large number of people at special occasions, and playing Native American flute music can help to calm a baby down in these circumstances.

The music of the Native American flute is very soft, and it creates a wonderful, soothing background for many situations. It is just the sound for keeping babies calm when there are a lot of people in the environment. Babies seem to focus on the flute sounds instead of on the loud noises generated by crowds. Having flute music playing in a room makes it easier for them to adjust to visitors.

Of course, adults will also enjoy the music of the Native American flute. It is easy to find interesting and unique Native American flute music on the Internet, since many online stores offer selections of alternative music. It is also possible to purchase Native American flutes and sheet music. Several vendors offer musical compositions for the flute, and they sell Native American flutes as well.

Native American flute music is an excellent way to learn about and enjoy the special features of Native American culture. And since songs are often linked to memories, this music offers a good way to preserve the memory of special times.

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Trumpet Cleaning and Maintenance Made Fun

This is a good method for young players and beginners to learn to take responsibility for their instrument and to get a bit of inspiration at the same time.
What you will need.

Commercial trumpet cleaning kit  – Available at all music stores.    
– Two clean rags
-Soapy warm water
-One cup
-Tube of petroleum jelly
-Good music.

Download some good jazz from the internet or put on a good album. Try something new each time. This will make cleaning less of a chore and much more fun. Lets get going.

First dismantle the trumpet completely, laying out the pieces on a clean rag. Place the valves into a cup and half fill with warm soapy water. Leave for a few minutes. Now put some detergent onto the end of your long snake brush and clean out all of the tubes. Also push it through the bell of the trumpet a few times. Pour two litres of warm soapy water into the bell and rinse out with clean water. Now rinse outall the tubes and pipes in warm clean water over a sink. Gently wipe the sides of the valves without scratching the metal.

If the ends of the slides are marked, they may require gentle scrubbing. Once slides are clean and dry, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the areas which slide, and place into position on the trumpet. Oilthe valves with three to four drops each and gently replace. Don’t forget the valve caps.

To protect the inside of the trumpet, remove the mouthpiece and pour half a teaspoon of valve oil into the tube. Now blow into the tube as hard as you can to spread it around. Avoid chemical cleaners, even on the exterior of the instrument.

You should clean your trumpet about once a week if you are using it everyday, or once a month if you use it once a week. Just make sure you oil the valves everytime you use it. No matter how often you use it.

By now you will be feeling inspired by some good music and just itching for a blow. So warm up and play along with the pros.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Famous Music Instruments in India

Tabla :

Table is basically the pair of drums. Drumming with table kicks us and we immediately react with the tapping of the beats. It is generally believed that Tabla evolved from the barrel shaped drum called pakhawaj, 3000 years ago. It basically consists of the small right hand drum called dayan and a larger metal one called bayan. It is an Indian pleximetry instrument used in classical, popular and religious Hindustani music. The dayan is made up of neem or sheesham while the bayan can be made up of metal, example brass, copper, aluminum, or from terracotta or ceramic. Both dayan and bayan produces quite interesting sounds. The dayan can produce 12 different sounds, while the bayan can produce 2 different sounds. Some of the dignitaries associated with the Tabla are Ustad Zakir Hussain, Thirakwa Ustad Alla Rakha, Ustad Tari Khan, Ustad Maseet Khan, Ustad Tafo Khan and many more.

Sarod :

Sarod is one of the most popular stringed musical instrument that has been used for the classical Indian music. It is quite similar to the popular instrument called rabab used in the middle east. It is an 18 – 19 lute like instrument, four to five main strings used for playing the melody, one or two drone strings, two chikari strings and ten to eleven sympathetic strings. Most contemporary Sarod players use Roslau, Schaff or Precision brand music wire. It is approximately three to four feet long is is mainly made of wood. The strings are plucked with a triangular plectrum (java) made of polished Coconut shell, Ebony, Delrin or other materials such as bone. Among the contemporary Sarod players the name of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is quite popular.

The Flute

Flute is the musical instrument of the ancient India, quite synonymous with the name of the Lord Krishna. It belongs to the woodwind family and is also known as the Bansuri. The flute produces the sweet sound and blends well with the other instruments. It is made of the cylindrical bamboo pipe with uniform bore containing six holes and closed at the end. In a flute the sound is produced by blowing against an edge or by an vibrating reed. And in which the pitch governed by the resonant frequencies of an enclosed air column. The person who plays the flute is referred to as the flute player or the flautist. It has been used in India since the vedic period. It was earlier used to play the religious music of the Buddhists.

Sitar :

Sitar is the most popular string instrument from India. Sitar is the member of the veena family. It has been in use since 700 years. It is basically made up of the seasoned gourd and wood. It measures about 4 feet in length and has a deep, peer shaped body fashioned from wood and gourd, a long wide, hollow, wooden neck, both front and side tuning pegs and 20 arched movable frets. Its body is carved out of tun or teak wood and its main resonator is made of a pumpkin. It is the most famous instrument in North India. Famous Sitarists of India include Pandit Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka Shankar.

Know more about culture of India through –

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Anthony H Schietroma Hempfield Area School District Full Circle

Mr Schietroma was public service at its best for Hempfield in 1986 Hempfield elementary band recruited over 300 members a year for Dr Bookers trek to the Rose bowl parade in Pasadena California and as some say, Dr Bookers greatest band was in 1995 the recruits were from the elementary program and manned by fellow teacher Leroy Ferri, who both had big classes of these young and talented musicians but this was out of love and passion for what they believed in and what they strived for musicial education a process of the arts.Leroy Ferri often jokes Tony you been my Priest at Harrolds my partner in crime you gotta pick up that SAX and start playing we need to draft  some saxophones players,but according to Mr Ferri after just playing the sax for 5 minutes everyone wanted to play the sax like Mr Schietroma it went from 1 sax to 100. 

.However from playing with the Graham Grubb big band which are great musicians who many have that Twin coaches sound of a percision show band.Tony made many appearances with Graham Grubb on the Len Henry radio show LETS DANCE.Len Henry commented what a solo sax playerTony was on tunes such as Ice Castles, Dreamsville,The Mike Hammer theme,skylark and many others.Tony played many years at the Twin Coaches for shows such as Jack Jones,Wayne Newton, Sonny and Cher, Diana Ross and so many others.Tony has recommended many Hempfield teachers such as Lou Ester and Glenn Buzzard at the Twin coaches.These two band directors are very talented in their own right and were great readers for the Jess Wilson band.


In 1957 the former Band Director of East Hunington who actually taught Englishwho died suddenly of a massive heart attack  and was being help by BRASS TEACHER Fred Enberhart who taught the field show at nights who was an professional music teacher that actually worked in the factory durning the day.  East Hunington needed a music teacher fast Mr Schietroma was called to work at East Hunington school district, now called Southmoreland Mr Nevin the  Superintendent told Mr Schietroma I want East Hunington to be put on the Penna map,we are an class B school unknown in the area,but with an contending WPIAL football team and a top marching band this could be possible.Mr Schietroma the reason I hired you was because of your background in working the Washington DC area,Prince George county school district you have that exsperience of working in a big city envoriment,consequently ,which we do not have that here in East Hunington.

Some feel that Tony introduced modern stock charts and drills such as the theme from Zorror which he had Becky King who was dressed in black, as Zorror and rides a black horse which jumps up in the air for a marching band of the 50s it was ahead of its time,most bands played a lot of marches or old school tunes.Actually he introduced the concept of a band memorizing their music when playing a show.Yes Mr Schietroma did make EAST HUNINGTON a household a name,Creating the concept of a modern marching which may been ahead of its time,the band parents at East Hunington were great and supportive,yes FOOTBALL and Band came a long way at East Hunington.

In 1963 Mr Schietroma applied for the Hempfield job it was closer to home,and there was a lot of developement in Hempfield, he beat out over 400 band directors for this job.Mr Schietroma pleased his fans by his strict marching style and his modern charts which won over the crowds who saw the first rediumental bass drum section and a drum corp style cadence and a modern style color guard that first in Westmoreland county.Under Mr Schietroma Hempfield marched in Hempfield area.such as Youngwood, Manor,and other functions in Hempfield he felt Hempfield band was a community function and that is the way it should be.

.Further the marching band won best color guard and band front at the Indianna home comming parade also Hempfield at 1963 was rated second with Greensburg marching band directed by Graham Grubb who first introducted the first IUP show Wilkinsburg Marching band was rated number 1. Moreover Bob Lynch who also did a great job working with the choirs and Orchestra.Bob and Tony worked hard that year,for concert time.The Christmas concert was a great concert for Hempfield featuring great music and singing.

 Actually students in the 1963 band who became band directors were Rick Rossi who taught at Latrobe and John Hartzell who taught at Mcguffy high school which both bands won many championships.Therefore in the 80s were one of the top bands in Westmoreland county during 1985 at the HEMPFIELD band festival,in 1963 Rick played in the Stage band playing Bass guitar and John playing trombone and drums in the concert and Stage bands.

In 1968 the students of Mr Schietromas general music class at Harrolds Jr high produced two songs about the Vietnam war Pink carnation and Blue Mist.Actually thiswas a very radicial view of the VIETNAM WAR the tearing apart of the American psyche people who were watching the evening News reports of our Boys being put into BODY BAGS,after many battles with the Vietcong,we were questioning the whole concept of this WAR this brought about many protest in Washington DC and the burning of many DRAFT CARDS to boot.

The story was about a girl whose boy friend was drafted into the Vietnam war and died fighting the Vietcong.The vocals were by Darlene Darcel Skillings these tunes were recorded in Nashville tenn and was pushed by all the radio stations in penna this was a very exciting time. This lead Mr Schietroma and his cousin Atty Dom Crimboli who also represented (Tommy james and the Shonedells) on a trip to New york to meet recording executive Morris Levy.

In the 70s there were many articles of  students who Mr Schietroma mentored one article that was dear to him, was the article on John Kelly in his mind this was what teaching is all about this article is mentioned in the Tribune review. After highschool John went on to play at the twin coaches and many jazz combos around the Greensburg area,John was a great and talented player a true artist and a very talented young player.

John Kelley a trombone player who also went on the road and played with Jay and the Americans in the mid 1970s and also played on many broad way shows in Newyork  credits Mr Schietroma for helping him meet his goals. Actually John wanted Mr Schietroma to produce his record in Detriot the group was called sanctuary a chicago type jazz rock group with Manyard Ferguson band member Randy Percusell.Although the session went great the tape was great,its one of the reason why Mr Schietroma loves the performing arts the session went well in DETRIOT.

However  in 1970 Tony was transfered to a new school Wendover Jr high school and started to build this new band program there his, theme was Jesus Christ Super Star Mr Schietroma arrange a tune for the march and a arrangement for a concert band and also building up an wonderful stage band.The jazz ensemble played at the Westmoreland  JR high county band show which was hosted by WendoverJr high. 

With his fellow band director Leroy Ferri he introducted the four Bands which was open to anyone who wanted to play above the bar music .The four Jr highs for one day were directed by an music professor from Indianna University, Penn state,or Ohio state or even Seton Hill.This concert band was assembled in 3 days practicing for this final concert to be directed by the incomming Professor of music,who would be directing this concert one night at anyone of the four JR highs Moreover these concerts were also performed at the Greengate mall.

Mr Schietroma And Mr Ferri were good men for Hempfield area and did whatever they could to help the program Hempfield full circle I say it takes a lot to wear many hats doing so many classes  to promote the arts yes that is full circle.Yes they serve the district well even being Asst high school band directors to make the program go.

Dr Booker knew his answers of a great marching band were vested in the 60s the old school meets the new since 1985 Hempfield area school district was the master of block band marching Hempfield full circle.Meaning the tradition of a block band practices for major parades were inherited from one Band director to another and improved by each. This is Hempfield area  concept of being place in many major parades from one band director to another,yes this is the History of Hempfield area marching band and the best is yet to come……

Source by William Schietroma

Wedding Reception Supplies: Wedding Flutes, Table Napkins, Cake Knives and Serving Set

To make the wedding successful, every detail of it should be taken into account. The preparation is obviously extreme that is if you want to impress your guests as well as to include your big day in one of those weddings of a lifetime. Very important in any wedding to have a reception, a well-prepared reception. Though building a reception is not as easy as most of us wanted it to be, but giving extra effort anyway can make a great impressive change to the entire celebration. A wedding reception is composed of decors, favors, variety of delightful menus, wines and more. These items aren’t for one purpose only. Wedding Flutes, Table Napkins, Cake Knives and Server were included not only for eating and drinking time but also they too can add accent to the overall appeal of the reception.

Wedding Flutes

Wedding flutes are toasting glasses for the bride and groom. However, if you would like to serve wine for your guests, then you can always use flutes. This accessory come in wide variety of selection, from cheap to classy, elegant expensive ones. If you opt for classy and elegant flute, consider this intricate design of linked silver plated hearts of Open Heart Crystal Toasting Flutes. This flute come in modern, romantic look with heart embellishment. You can also find personalized flutes that are simply amazing, perfect to incorporate with such special occasion. A Personalized Silver Plated Toasting Flutes, an elegant addition to the cutting of the cake. With these classic silver plated champagne glasses, your even will be more memorable….and beautifully photographed too.

Wedding Table Napkins

Table napkins are of course very essential in any food gathering but for weddings, table napkins can be very stylish and elegant. These are items that can accentuate the tables too. Today, there are lots of beautiful selection of table napkins, you can find personalized choices as well. These personalized napkins are of different choices of colors and personalize it with your names and wedding date or a special message.

Cake Knives and Serving Set

Cake knives and serving set comes with variety of beautiful selection to choose from. Just like other accessories, these items are can make a good accent to the table centerpieces. You may opt for more classic or modern type and even personalized ones. Consider this Personalized Butterfly Crystal Cake and Knife Server Set that comes with pearl embellishments on the handles and accents of Flowers and Butterflies. Both knife and server have a serrated edge. Or perhaps, a Personalized Classic Silver Cake Knife & Server Set a classic, elegant that can finish your gathering with its fine detail. Have then personalized by engraving your names, wedding date or personal message.

Other accessories like wedding cake toppers, cake pulls, place card holders and wedding favors are of different selection which can be also made personalize. These are widely available at online stores with different touch of designs, styles and themes. It’s all up to you which one will you choose that suits best on the theme of your celebration.

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The Top 5 Online Resume Database Websites: Reviewed

The online resume database websites have formed an inseparable and important part of the recruitment procedure. The benefit is shared both by the employers and the employees. Hiring the best candidates and providing a reputable position in an organization are the functions of such websites.

However, can all websites deliver the best? Obviously, no! The job seekers and the recruiters must go for the ones that are the best. A job seeker can’t compensate with his/her. Likewise, an employer can afford to miss out on a suitable candidate. Thus, review of the top 5 resume database websites are done below so that you as a employee or an employer can have a fair idea.

Resume Deliver

Established in 2002, this resume database website is riding high on the internet. It enjoys immense popularity and as of now 15782 recruiters are lined up in the website. Resume Deliver thus, provides huge opportunities to the job seekers. For those with no resumes or weak resumes, this website provides the advantage of creating attractive resumes. All this comes with no price involved.

On the employer’s front, Resume Deliver makes sure that all the targeted resumes are delivered on to their email address with absolutely no charge.


At the moment Gadball has 537,273 active users. When the employees search resumes, they will find millions of them. Punching in the apt keyword fetches the maximum number of relevant resumes.

The availability of profile building tools is a great attraction both for the employers and the employees. The job seekers also have a wide option of jobs to choose from at Gadball.

Forward Your Resume

This is an excelling resume distribution review website that started its operations in 2001. Forward Your Resume has assisted many job seekers in finding good positions in various companies. In accordance with the site traffic, relevant and good websites are picked here. It also takes into account the credibility, content and cost of resume distribution websites.

Executive Trumpet

It is one of the leading resume database websites that pose beneficial strategies for recruiters. The employers receive targeted resumes in their email inboxes. They also have the choice to recruit the best people from varied fields.

The job seekers need to post their resumes and within no time at all their resumes are forwarded to various enterprises. The signing up process takes only 3 minutes.

Resume Bucket

Here, all the job seekers are provided with a unique URL that helps then to store, edit and publicly publish their resumes. Uploading the resumes is absolutely free and convenient as well.

Resume Bucket comes in handy for the recruiters as well.  The employers are provided with specific resumes dictated by them. A huge array of resumes is lined up. The employers can have access to as many as they want and thus, conduct their resume search process effectively.

So, the next time when you opt for online resume database, do pay a visit to these 5 websites mentioned above. These have the potential to deliver the best of everything.

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The 14th Century Instrument The Sackbut

When looking at a sackbut, the first thing that someone will probably think is that it appears to closely resemble the trombone. The sackbut is, in fact, the ancestor of the trombone and was often used in music during the Baroque and Renaissance periods. It is a member of the brass family, which is obvious to most people, and was very popular in the past. As time went on and music changed, the sackbut started to lose its popularity as newer instruments took its place. Many might not think that the sackbut is used today, but it is starting to become an interest for many musicians in modern music.

The original name of this particular instrument is interesting and there is some speculation as to where it came from. Regardless of where its original name came from, the instrument is now usually referred to as a trombone, which is a name that is thought to have originated from Italy. The predecessor to this instrument is the trumpet, a simpler instrument that is also a member of the brass instrument family. The change to the sackbut is believed to have happened during the late 14th century. It was also during this time that the instrument was altered to include bends, curves and eventually loops that make the instrument recognizable as the modern trombone.

After the major changes were made to the instrument, some minor alterations occurred later on to perfect the instrument. There were four different sizes of the instrument in order to hit different pitches, including the alto, tenor, bass and double bass.

As mentioned before, the popularity of the sackbut declined as trombones and other instruments were favored over them in the newer music; however, the instrument did not completely die away. It continues to be played, even today as more musicians decide to go for it instead of the more modern instruments. It has been around for a long time and is an instrument that is still a rewarding one to play for anyone who may have an interest in it, but it still lacks in popularity.

Finding the opportunity to learn how to play the instrument in class might not be as easy as it is to try out another, more modern brass instrument. It can be a little more difficult to learn how to play as well, because one has to have good control over their breathing and the instrument. It is far easier to make the wrong sounds than it is to make the right notes.

If chosen to play, the instrument can take much practice and time to master, much like the trombone. Really, they are both fairly similar in so many ways, so finding a teacher might not be as difficult as some might believe. It all really depends on whether someone is really interested in it enough to put in the effort to learn how to play it.

The sackbut is an older instrument that has been around for a very long time, but it is still around and some continue to play it. There are even some musicians who have chosen to give it a try over the trombone they typically play.

Source by Victor Epand

Wedding Toasting Flutes For Many Occasions

Weddings evoke many feelings, the beautiful décor, the fabulous cake, the wonderful camaraderie and of course the event itself. Everything just seems to go off without a hitch and the day couldn’t be better. Now it’s your turn to plan your special day and something you really want is a nice set of wedding toasting flutes.

When choosing the perfect set of wedding toasting flutes, there are several factors to consider such as if you are looking for something more traditional or if you are thinking of making a bold, new statement to start your marriage off. Sometimes you will need to make note of whether or not they are crystal or merely glass. Another consideration would be if you could purchase more than one set of two, or perhaps in sets of four.

A wonderful idea is to have the wedding toasting flutes monogrammed. When having the engraving done, you can choose from a variety of fonts to create a memorable souvenir to hand down for generations. They can even put different initials on them that will specify if they are for the bride or the groom.

For the important people in your life, and the members of your wedding party, there is nothing so nice to cherish as a wedding toasting flute. One option that is particularly nice is to have the name of either the bride or the groom and the date engraved onto the flute. The parents of the bride would find it to be a lovely gift to have their daughters’ name and the date of her wedding on a pair of wedding toasting flutes. Their names could also be engraved; creating a wonderful gift that could be used for many occasions in the future.

Some wedding toasting flutes break away from the traditional mold and bear twisted, spiraled stems or gold trim to add a touch of flair to the occasion. These more stylish flutes generally only have a stylized version of the three basic initials or one initial in a crest. They lend a more sophisticated air to the table and the celebration.

Another time when it is appropriate for wedding toasting flutes, but rarely thought about, is for anniversaries. Particularly the 25th anniversary and higher are a nice touch to the table. Gold-rimmed glasses are particularly appropriate for the 50th anniversary. Simply have both the wedding date and the anniversary date engraved on the glasses to create a unique gift that will last for generations. They can be handed down to future generations as a heirloom, even after they have been used for subsequent anniversaries and other special occasions.

There are many special times when a set of engraved wedding toasting flutes can grace your table and create lasting moments to cherish for the rest of your life. Gifting them only makes them more treasured to the receiver because you took the time to create something especially for them. With all the engraving options, they will match current décor in the home, or the serving pieces, invitations and napkins at the wedding or anniversary. Enjoy gifting engraved wedding toasting flutes; you simply cannot go wrong.

Article Source: RSI-WTF1 Wedding Toasting Flutes for Many Occasions

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The Bach Stradivarius Trumpet – The Best In The World

The Bach Stradivarius trumpet is probably one of the most well-known and highly respected professional trumpets available.  These trumpets are known and respected for their projection and fullness of sound and are used by some of the top players in the world.

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The Bach Stradivarius trumpet provides a guaranteed quality of manufacture and performance and is a safe bet for anyone requiring an instrument that will perform in any situation.

The unique sound of the Bach Stradivarius trumpet is obtained through the use of a single piece construction which allows an unrestricted resonance of the bell.

The specific shape of the surface, commonly known as the rate of bell or flare, is the fundamental element that determines the pure sound of this instrument. The bells with fast tapers produce a warm and darker sound while the lighter sound is achieved through slow tapers.

The type of material and thickness of the bell is also a fundamental factor in determining the sound the trumpet produces.

These trumpets are categorized according to the bore size and there are many different Bach Stradivarius trumpets available in many different bore sizes and shapes.  The choice is very individual and many factors, including the players own oral capacity, go towards determing the suitability of each individual’s needs.

The Bach Stradivarius trumpet is a manufactured solely in the USA in a place called Elkhar in Indiana and it still holds a unique position in the world of high class trumpets.

For any aspiring or professional musician, the Bach Stradivarius trumpet is without doubt the top of the league of all modern trumpets available today.  Not only that, it is a sound investment for anyone who may have doubts about the longevity of their trumpet playing career.

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Baritone Saxophones: Baritone Saxophone for Beginners

Playing the saxophone may prove difficult at first.  Just like any other musical instruments, learning how to play the saxophone requires technique and skill.  These skills and techniques however can only be acquired through constant practice and actual playing of the instrument.  As a commonly acknowledged fact, nobody fully learns how to use any musical instrument by just merely reading how the instrument is played.  Although theoretical knowledge may prove to be essential and beneficial to the student or player of the instrument, it is not however sufficient.  Learning how to use a saxophone means that the person can “actually” play the instrument.  This can only be realized if one starts to pick up the saxophone and starts playing it.  Henceforth, it is only through constant practice that the necessary skills and techniques will be developed.  Eventually, the beginner will become adept at playing the instrument.  The aforementioned is true regardless of which type of saxophone is to be used

However, not all saxophones are the same.  The instrument actually comes in different types, shapes, and sizes.  The main difference however is the music that is produced from each instrument.  Baritone Saxophones, otherwise know as “bari sax” to distinguish them from baritone horns, are generally accounted as the heaviest and largest among the different saxophone instruments.  In fact, players of baritone saxophones put some harness to support the weight of the instrument.  Thus, if the player is not concerned about the size or weight of the instrument, then playing the baritone saxophone should not be much of a problem.  

Bass saxophones are also, more often, played in the bass section of soul tunes or music because of the low range of the musical notes it plays.  Among the other types of saxophones, baritone saxophones have the lowest range and notes.  It thus becomes a good harmonizer in bands.  With this note, baritone saxophones are commonly distinguished from other types of saxophones through its distinct rich and deep tone.  Thus in a band or orchestra, it provides the deep musical pulse in the group because of the deep tone which is inherent in it.   Ideally though, the use of baritone saxophone is recommended only after practicing, for a time, with tenor saxophone or the alto saxophone.  But then again, if one intends to play bass, soulful, deep tone, and harmonize it with tunes in the higher range, the use of baritone saxophone may be a good choice.  One point to consider though is that since baritone saxophones are relatively harder to play and manage compared to, for instance, alto saxophones and tenor instruments, constant practice by way of playing the instrument is strongly advised.  In this way, the player will get accustomed to the instrument and will eventually become comfortable playing it.

Some other considerations that must be taken into account in playing baritone saxophones would be the way to hold the saxophones.  This is important considering that the saxophone is heavy and it is played with a harness supporting it.  The position or way of holding the instrument ensures that the instrument will not produce a bad tone as a consequence of holding it incorrectly.

Source by William Thompson

Want to Play a Brass Instrument?

So your child wants to be in the band? Or maybe you’re just a regular person who wants to pick up a new hobby? Well, either way hopefully this advice will be of some help to you. First of all let me start by saying I have played Brass instruments in middle, high school and in college. I started with Trumpet and then later on moved to the Baritone and Trombone. So most of the advice here will be aimed at a youngster that wants to go this route; however I will try to include the hobby side as well.

Band can lots of fun, but at the same time it is lots of hard work too. The first part of my advice is be ready to practice, practice, practice on your new instrument of choice – and then practice some more. Some basic information on Brass instruments is as follows. First, they require the buzzing of a person’s lips into a mouth piece to make a sound. This vibration is the first key part in playing a brass instrument. Also, the length of the instrument helps control pitch as well. This is done either though the movement of the values like in the Trumpet or, as in a Trombone, by physically moving the slide.

All right, so now that we have a bit of basic background information on how sounds are formed on the Brass family of instruments let me move on to some advice for beginning band students. First of all, like I said before, practice is key. Also, for you students out there, make sure you really want to devote the time to this. If your goals are to go somewhere with this new instrument, then you must be willing to put time into it as needed.

“How much time?” My best guess is be ready to spend just about as much time learning this new instrument as you should be spending on your other homework – or probably more. In other words, at least 10 hours a week (more is better) practicing at home on the low end of things. To the parents, yes, this does mean putting up with a lot of missed notes and the same songs played over and over. If it is just too much you can overcome this problem all together by buying a Mute for your child’s Brass instrument – be it a trumpet, trombone on whatever.

Most Brass instruments have them available to them, which is a good thing, and it won’t be wasted money either since lots of band music with call for the use of one of these down the line. This same trick can apply to the hobbyist too, as the mute can also help build air control in addition to cutting down on the sound volume as you practice. As with any article, this is only the tip of the iceberg, but with time spent with this new Instrument, you will find much joy in the wonderful world of music.

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How About Wedding Champagne Flutes?

It’s upon you. It seems like only yesterday he proposed. The clock is ticking and you still don’t know what to give your guest. Getting married can be the best thing that happens to a woman. She has dreamt about it from the moment she could spell wedding dress. But the planning is exhaustive and demanding. Fretting over details can take away from that special moment. One of those major details is a Thank You gift to your friends, family, and guest. Should you get personalized shot glasses? Maybe not, your mother-in-law to be would probably frown on it. What about champagne flutes? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. There are so many companies that offer a wide offer a wide range of personalized options to choose from. This is just the thing any bride needs to commemorate that special day. Your guest will have a little piece of the magic you experienced the day you wed.

These flutes have a bit of history to them that you will find interesting to say the least. Here are some facts.

Champagne glassware in French is called Flute a Champagne. It’s a stem ware that is tall and narrow with a bowl at the top. These bowls were designed to retain the carbonation that is a distinct feature of champagne. This allows for the carbonation to scatter more rapidly. Some people wonder why these glasses have stems. Stems are featured on glassware to assist in maintaining the temperature of the liquid. So it is intended for you to hold the glass by the stem and not the bowl. Ever wonder about those little bubbles that rise to the top of the stemware? That’s what you would call nucleation. They help form the bubbles you see. If there is too much nucleation this will in turn cause the champagne to get flat quicker, kind of like soda. The smoother the glass the less nucleation and the more bubbles you will taste in the champagne.

There isn’t a more refined and classy gift you can give to your wedding guest and friends that personalized champagne flute.

Source by Amin Ramjee