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Soothing Music: The Native American Flute

Native Americans are eager to share their ancestry with their families and friends. One of the ways they do this is through their music, particularly through the music of the Native American flute. They want to ensure that their children have a strong link with their ancient culture, and music is an excellent way to […]

Trumpet Cleaning and Maintenance Made Fun

This is a good method for young players and beginners to learn to take responsibility for their instrument and to get a bit of inspiration at the same time.What you will need. Commercial trumpet cleaning kit  – Available at all music stores.     – Two clean rags-Soapy warm water-One cup-Tube of petroleum jelly-Good music. Download some […]

Famous Music Instruments in India

Tabla : Table is basically the pair of drums. Drumming with table kicks us and we immediately react with the tapping of the beats. It is generally believed that Tabla evolved from the barrel shaped drum called pakhawaj, 3000 years ago. It basically consists of the small right hand drum called dayan and a larger […]

The Top 5 Online Resume Database Websites: Reviewed

The online resume database websites have formed an inseparable and important part of the recruitment procedure. The benefit is shared both by the employers and the employees. Hiring the best candidates and providing a reputable position in an organization are the functions of such websites. However, can all websites deliver the best? Obviously, no! The […]

The 14th Century Instrument The Sackbut

When looking at a sackbut, the first thing that someone will probably think is that it appears to closely resemble the trombone. The sackbut is, in fact, the ancestor of the trombone and was often used in music during the Baroque and Renaissance periods. It is a member of the brass family, which is obvious […]

Wedding Toasting Flutes For Many Occasions

Weddings evoke many feelings, the beautiful décor, the fabulous cake, the wonderful camaraderie and of course the event itself. Everything just seems to go off without a hitch and the day couldn’t be better. Now it’s your turn to plan your special day and something you really want is a nice set of wedding toasting […]

The Bach Stradivarius Trumpet – The Best In The World

The Bach Stradivarius trumpet is probably one of the most well-known and highly respected professional trumpets available.  These trumpets are known and respected for their projection and fullness of sound and are used by some of the top players in the world. Click Here for the very best prices for Bach Stradivarius trumpets The Bach […]

Baritone Saxophones: Baritone Saxophone for Beginners

Playing the saxophone may prove difficult at first.  Just like any other musical instruments, learning how to play the saxophone requires technique and skill.  These skills and techniques however can only be acquired through constant practice and actual playing of the instrument.  As a commonly acknowledged fact, nobody fully learns how to use any musical […]

Want to Play a Brass Instrument?

So your child wants to be in the band? Or maybe you’re just a regular person who wants to pick up a new hobby? Well, either way hopefully this advice will be of some help to you. First of all let me start by saying I have played Brass instruments in middle, high school and […]

How About Wedding Champagne Flutes?

It’s upon you. It seems like only yesterday he proposed. The clock is ticking and you still don’t know what to give your guest. Getting married can be the best thing that happens to a woman. She has dreamt about it from the moment she could spell wedding dress. But the planning is exhaustive and […]