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How to Play On Piano Secrets

Learning a musical instrument is a pleasant part of most people’s childhood. Typically, school programs will at least introduce you to the basic instruments, like the recorder, the drums, the piano and the saxophone. You might even get the opportunity to play in the band or in the school orchestra where you can learn how […]

Can You Learn To Play The Saxophone?

Often used in jazz and popular music, this instrument was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1840. Patented in 1846, it did not gain popularity for many years. Sax invented this instrument while working on a clarinet and this is similar to that instrument. The inventor wanted the saxophone to have the power of brass and […]

Alto Saxophones: Alto Saxophone for Beginners

Many people play the saxophone as a matter of occupation playing the instrument professionally and making a living out of it.  For some, playing the saxophone may just be a habit or a hobby, a matter of interest that has developed over the years.  Whatever may be the reason for one’s interest in playing the […]

Top Ten Funny Ways to Catch STDs

When trying to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) leading physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals agree that unsafe sex is a leading cause of STDs. Unfortunately they often fail to describe unsafe sex and its dangers in a way that a reader will find interesting. I have read far too many articles […]

How To Play The Flute – 6 Tips For Adult Beginners

How to play the flute – Have you asked that question? If you’re an adult beginner, here are some helpful tips for learning to play the flute. 1) Get the best instrument you can afford. Your wallet guides your purchase.  In almost all cases, the more money you pay, the better instrument you’ll get. However, […]

The Differences Between a Tuba and Sousaphone

The sousaphone is basically a tuba, with the biggest difference being that the instrument will fit around the body of the musician. This makes it easier for someone in a marching band to carry the instrument and focus more on playing it rather than how to hold and balance it properly for a longer period […]

The Mythical Sounds of the Pan Flute

The pan flute is an instrument that consists of ten or more pipes, which differ in length, that are closed tube. The tubes are placed in a row, from the longest tube to the shortest. Each length will then produce a different note, depending on its length. It is most often viewed as an old […]

Angel's Trumpet has Devil's Breath

“ANGEL’S TRUMPET HAS DEVIL’S BREATH” Many of us might wonder, what is angel’s trumpet? Angel’s trumpet is a flowering plant which is called as Brugmansia or Datura. It is a genus of seven species of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae (nightshade) native to tropical South America. People love Angel’s Trumpet. The flowers are attractive, […]

The Elements of House Music

A Lesson in House Music Production This article is accompanied by a video where we show you in-depth the elements of house music.In the video we go through multiple styles of our own house music and even through in a quick freestyle performance, and have a laugh with it! We, as beat makers, make all […]

The Big Band Arranging Style Of Sammy Nestico

If you grew up watching television during the 1960s and 1970s you have undoubtedly heard the arranging style of Sammy Nestico. His musical arrangements can still be heard on reruns of popular shows during the variety show era of television. Sammy has arranged music for all types of groups, but it is the big band […]